Recovery House of Saint Louis


Structure.Discipline. Accountability.



  • Resident must be male
  • Resident must be 18 years or older
  • Resident must have at least 10 days of sobriety from alcohol and all non-prescribed drugs or be coming out of treatment (clean UDS required)
  • Resident is required to interview before acceptance into the house
  • Resident or family are responsible for rent - $600.00 per month
  • Resident or family are responsible for $150.00 processing fee

For consideration of admission, a potential resident must fill out an application and a personal plan for recovery. This plan should include any groups, counseling, or medication the individual uses to aid them in their sobriety.

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Recovery House of St. Louis was established in early 2011 under the name of Kaizen Properties with the primary goal of providing transitional living and supportive housing for individuals in recovery from alcohol and drugs. The house will provide residents with a supportive environment allowing individuals to achieve their desired level of independence and responsibility while abstaining from alcohol and non-prescribed substances.